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About The Minister

His Excellency the Minister of Social Development and Family/Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misnad Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misnad

Minister of Social Development and Family

Peace, mercy and blessings be upon.
Welcome to the website of the Ministry of Social Development and Family.

We are delighted that you are reaching out with the Ministry, which is a national public entity that is exerting every effort to provide the best possible social services to the Qatari society.

We are set out from a deep conviction in the social mission of the state, we therefore strive to meet the aspirations of the citizens of the State of Qatar whom they represent the core objective that we pay our best achievement towards meeting the aspirations of Qatar's national comprehensive social development.

Together we move on a clear path; towards encouraging our society to enhance the individual economic productivity, self-reliance, and encouraging youth to marry and procreation on the way to maintain our solid social cohesion and promoting strong family bonding steered by the main Islamic principles of righteousness, compassion and respect.

We are pretty confident, that to accomplish this, we cannot gain the success without having a joint and consistent drive where gather all society elements along with the government under the one nation umbrella.

The Ministry of Social Development and the Family is prioritizing the consolidation of the family's status, well-being and cohesion. And to do so, raising awareness posed as a major tool towards maintaining this noble goal. Realizing the surrounding challenges facing our people ambitions to reach and sustain the prosperity and progress; We are fully convinced of how essential to find a clear defined framework to make the Qatari family as the centrifuge for the sustainable national development.

In current era; we live the strong interrelations between the manifestations of the contemporary lifestyles and global emerging concepts diversities. If we come short to build our mindful way of thinking, then we will not be able to preserve our intellectual and cultural identity.

As a Qatari society, we bear a strong moral and cultural heritage based on the foundations of the Islam and the chivalry of Arabism and its noble morals that qualifies us to solidify our identit

The ministry is concerned with deepening public awareness of family rights and duties and means of empowering members of the society, especially the most vulnerable groups, so that no one is left behind making benefit of the unique revival, inclusive social welfare and comprehensive development of our beloved country Qatar.

I commend the well-known Arabic poet Almotanabi who said at the beginning of one of his great poem in the history: " The strong resolves come in proportion to men of determination, and noble deeds come in proportion to magnanimous men. Little things are deemed great by little minds, while grave calamities pale into insignificance in the eyes of the great."

By maintaining unity of people and government; the State of Qatar will always remain strong and cohesive.

His Excellency the Minister of Social Development and Family/Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misnad Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misnad

Minister of Social Development and Family

Work Experience
  •  Holds an Executive Master's Degree in Strategic Planning and Business Administration in 2014. HEC - Paris University. 
  • Alumni of the Qatar Leadership Centre.  
  • A firm advocate of Social Rights, she held several positions in the Social Sector. In 2006, she was a member of the Childhood Committee of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. In 2008, she served as Acting Executive Director of the Cultural Center for Childhood. In the year 2011, she was Director of Media and Communication at the Social Rehabilitation Center “Al-Aween”. In 2013, she served as the Regional Director of Communication and Awareness Campaigns at the Foundation “Education Above All” and in 2016, she was the Executive Director of the Orphans Care Center "Dreama".
  • In the beginning of 2021, she was the Executive Director of the Administrative and Financial Sector at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in addition to her being a member of the Advisory Board of the same Institute. 
  • She was awarded the title of Ambassador for Orphans twice in a row as the first woman in the GULF region to be recognized by the Higher Organizing Committee of the Al-Sanabel Prize for Social Responsibility in the GCC Countries. She also received the International Excellence Award in Social Responsibility for the year 2021.
  • During her work in the Social Field, she contributed in raising society's awareness about the most important issues regarding children and women, she also played a pivotal role in raising the level of public awareness about the rights of those groups in the local and international arena. 
  • In October 2021, she was appointed Minister of Social Development and Family in the State of Qatar.

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